Madseventies/Verity Lookbook

A day in the studio with Lilly Creightmore.

B0A810B9-2FAA-463D-A826-4F437B9016E6Two South African sun lovers, living in the big city, London. Met on a sunny afternoon over a pot of tea. With friends, sun and waves, music and freelance life in common, we thought this is a great opportunity to combine our ideas and brands to create a fashion story.

Two creative minds are better than one, right? So we used clothing from Madseventies and hats from Lily’s company, Verity to create a summer lookbook.

As we waiting for summer to show, Ive started collecting key pieces for festivals and outdoor events this summer. Which pieces is personal must for this summer?


A fringe jacket of course, a long sliky dress with frills all over, a fabulous pair of Western Boots for those muddy puddles, a big hat and some accesories. In my case, eggs and lemons (Jokes). Also a sparkly blouse is a must in my wardrobe.

Living in London has taught me how to layer and accesorise. You don’t need an expensive outfit to make a statement, in order to make a statement you need key accessories to create depth and colour.


I hope everyone had a lovely Easter weekend with friends and family.

Thank you for reading on behalf of me and Lilly Creightmore!


See links for more summer key accessories.


Clothing – Madseventies

Photos and hats –Lilly Creightmore/Verity








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