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Since living in London I’ve always found winter much more challenging. So this morning I had two choices.  Hide in my apartment and convince myself its too cold OR brave the slippy roads and snow?

Processed with VSCO with g3 presetI decided to embrace this wonderful day by wrapping myself up in many layers of clothing. With coffee in hand we walk down to one of our favourite parks; Clissold Park. What a beautiful sight. Everything  covered in white.

With me I had my new phone cover sent from Caseapp. A company that allows you to design your unique phone/ipad or laptop cover.

My cheeky partner also designed his own phone case with one of his food photography images on. So snazzy!

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Cheers from me and Mr Snowy and Happy Holidays!





Monet Inspired

‘Monet rejected the traditional approach to landscape painting and instead of copying old masters he had been learning from his friends And the nature itself.

Monet’s ambition of documenting the French country side led him to adopt a method of painting the same scene many times in order to capture the changing of light and the passing of the seasons.’mia (9 von 15)Why did we do choose a Monet inspired story? Because his work is like no other.

A few weeks ago I got contacted by Laura Cherry Grove, a film photographer from Berlin, which work I adore. Her work consist of real people. Her images are full of colour, sparkles, dreamy glow and of course very much 70’s inspired. As you can imagine, its like we’ve known each other for years and got planning straight away! mia (10 von 15)Laura had her heart set on Hill Garden in Hampstead Heath for location. As much as I would like to say the trip was all glam and dreamy just like one of Monet’s paintings… well… I would lie if I said so. After an intense walk with suitcase in hand, scorching heat, small walk ways and glam heels on dusty roads, we finally made it to our destination. And wow, it was all worth it!

After entering the big gates, followed by a spiral staircase we knew this is the perfect location for our Monet inspired story. Big pillars overgrown with vines and flowers, set on a raised walkway overlooking a garden stretching for miles.

Which garments did I have in mind for our story? Long flowy dresses with dramatic shoulders, blouses with embroidered patterns, high frilled collars, lace with sheer, french skirts and bib collars. Dramatic right? Where do you find these elements for the perfect story? Blitz Vintage, based in Bricklane, a shop filled with all the fashion era’s you can imagine! Blouses from the 50’s to sequin dresses from the 90’s. The team was kind and generous enough to allow me source these garments.

mia (12 von 15)We chose bright colors mixed with pastels. In this look I wore a 50’s high waisted skirt matched with a bib blouse. Paired up with my red go-go boots and a pink beret for a pop of color. And of course my Gucci sunglasses to complete the look.

mia (11 von 15)The second look was a look I could relate and actually often wear minus the red boots. A mint green vintage night gown layered with a sheer blouse with embroidered patterns and a high frilled collar, my straw hat and my Gucci glasses to keep a modern element. We’e added some fun props to it. Could every day be like a Monet painting, relaxed in nature while sipping on some sparkly water? Peaceful and quiet, very much the opposite of the every day London buzz.

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mia (4 von 15)In my last look I chose a dramatic long victorian style dress with cut out detail and puffy sleeves. A matching belt and my big old straw hat. It was lots of fun playing a different character, creating a story in such a beautiful location and collaborating with the talented Laura.

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mia (7 von 15)I would recommend The Hill garden if you haven’t been, its not too late!  We have a few summer days left. Take a book, some snacks and enjoy the calmness this place has to offer.mia (8 von 15)

Photography – Laura Cherry Grove

Styling and modelling – Me

Clothes – Blitz Vintage and Madseventies


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Gucci inspired Story…

Clashing patterns, a blend of textures, mixing vintage with modern, suits with trainers, sporty with glam. This is just a few elements that were put together to create the perfect Gucci Cruise 2018 inspired story.

As a vintage seller I enjoy finding inspiration from designers such as Alessandro Michele.

From classic Co-Ord suits, cropped flared trousers to go-with-the-perfect-fit-jacket, dreamy dresses draped in gold accesories and trainers paired with suits.

The Gucci Cruis collection has inspired me to dig deep in my wardrobe to find those bold outfits that are kept only for special occasion or dress ups.  But why only wear your bold outfits for such occasions? Why not wear your best outfit on your daily coffee run or a trip to the post office?

I’ve put four looks together that inspired me from his recent Gucci Cruise collection.

IMG_5493The first look, a pair of Wrangler cropped flared denims, tucked in with a fun vintage T,  a grungy leather bomber jacket and a platform for a bit more glam. I completed the look with oversized 70’s inspired Gucci sunglasses and red socks to tie up the look. if you don’t feel like patterns, or too many bold colours then this is perfect. Simple mixed with classic.IMG_5495I have to admit, the second look was slightly out of my comfort zone. Suits and trainers?! I saw this on the runway and though this is just fabulous and a look I never thought I’d try. I loved how Gucci paired up the classic check suit and tie (worn by male and female) with a pair of 70’s white trainers and fun patterned socks. In my inspired look I wore an urban coloured check suit paired up with my tennis trainers and instead of patterned socks I kept it slightly more simple with red socks and a beagle collar shirt. The perfect outfit when you late for those early morning meetings.

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Processed with VSCO with g3 presetBy now I was wind swept and ready to take on another Gucci inspired look. The velvet floral suit with a flared leg. This is one of my favourite outfits that needs no introduction or layers. It looks great paired up with a simple T and some grungy black boots but if you want go full Jimmy Hendrix or Jimmy page then pair it up with a silk shirt and a patterned neck scarf.

IMG_5521I found this amazing suit during a late night of shopping in Oxford Street with the hope of finding the perfect birthday outfit. After many shops and lots of dissapointments I came across this dreamy suit in Warehouse! And no, its not vintage but definitely 70’s inspired and the statement piece I was looking for!

IMG_5520In my final look I combined many patterns and textures. In the past I kept it quite simple and minimal but now I like to experiment with more bold looking outfits. I paired my 70’s bottle green flares with a silk pattern shirt and a crochet knit to focus the eye on the 70’s patterned collar. Then I layered the outfit with a sparkly knitwear and my favourite check school style blazer. I completed the look with some fun shaped face earrings and my green 70’s style oversized Gucci glasses.



IMG_5499As much as I love finding inspiration from everyday people/designers/friends I enjoy it so much more putting a look together that resembles my style. With fashion changing weekly I think its important to wear pieces with confidence (even though it’s not popular right now)  because let’s face it, we will forever chase fashion trends.

Thank you to my wonderful friend/photographer/superwoman Anya for the photos and finding locations that complimented my outfits.

Most outfits from my range Madseventies

Floral suit Warehouse

Glasses Gucci

Trainers Nike

Thanks for reading.










70’s Stitch

Who doesn’t love a little floral carpet, some deep red velvet curtains, a sparkly stage and a candy machine from the 70’s?


What an exciting collaboration with Samuel, the editor of WGSN (the guy that knows his denim) and Jessica, a photographer that knows how to capture the perfect 70’s inspired story.

We also had the perfect location to shoot our 70’s inspired story. The Bethnal Green Mens Working Club. If you want to get stuck back right into the 70’s, dance on your favourite David Bowie song, swing around on retro floors in a big shaggy fur and some space boots, then this is the place to be!

Not only did we have the most fabulous location but we also had generous clothing brands that gave us their best 70’s inspired pieces, such as Levi Vintage Clothing, Mint Vintage and Madseventies, to wear for our story.


0BAF6EBC-E70A-4701-AA15-F0B5549573BFOne of my favourite looks of our story. Double denim paired up with vintage knits and striped tops. 70’s style sunglasses and neck scarfs to complete the look. And a candy machine on the side.C0F034E8-D2A4-44E0-BBA9-0FECD513FEAE


69DE6351-DFFD-4752-B997-FA9F9F1A885EBethnal Green Mens working club has got the most incredible retro floors that work well with brown loafers and glitter socks and platforms.


Samuel is pulling off the perfect Woodstock festival look by wearing this incredible suede tassel vintage jacket and Peace jeans from Levi’s vintage clothing, paired up with a 70’s style shirt from Madseventies collection.  I was wearing this most fabulous denim jumpsuit from Mint Vintage, with a prominent 70’s collar, of course, paired up with my red Go-Go boots and Gucci glasses.


This look was inspired by 70’s California, wearing soft colours paired with denim. Samuel is wearing a pair of cream cord trousers, paired with a printed Levi T from Vintage Levi’s clothing and All Star trainers for a cool laid back look. I’m wearing double denim, layered with a 70’s western embroidered throw-on-jacket from Madseventies and mustard boots for a pop of colour, which again, matched the retro floors.

CB92C200-FCAF-4376-86A2-D25A439692E0To complete our 70’s inspired story, we decided to go full on 70’s glam!

Just look at the stage itself, sparkles, lights and glitter. These looks were inspired by icons such as Jimmy Hendrix, Farrah Fawcett, Bianca Jagger, Iggy Pop.

Processed with VSCO with g3 presetBig shaggy furs were and still is a statement piece on its own. Add some dangling earrings and a red lip for a glam night out.

2792992A-823D-4140-8A1D-3BD41E0C7406Samuel wearing deep red Supreme pyjama style silk shirt, a very much go-to piece to have in your wardrobe right now, paired up with the funkiest pair of retro denim, Western boots and a silk scarf to finish off his look.



We couldn’t resist ending our story by a classic Abba pose. It was truly one of my most exciting collaborations yet. Working with Samuel and Jessica was fantastic and lots of fun, two like minded people that helped me capture the perfect 70’s inspired story.

Lots of thank you’s to the following companies and brands for making this shoot possible:

-Warren for allowing us to use his location, Bethnal Green Mens Working Club

Levi’s Vintage Clothing

Mint Clothing

Madseventies Clothing


Lots of love








Saturday out and about, wearing Madseventies ~

As much as I love a night out dancing, on occasion I also enjoy getting up early on weekends, minus the cocktail headache!

What does a Saturday consist of? A good coffee on the go,  visit to our local food market in Stoke Newington for a breakfast bun. A ciabatta filled with wild mushroom cooked in a pesto sauce. Then, onto finding unique pieces to sell on my depop shop, madseventies.

I quite enjoy going to Shoreditch for some fashion and pattern inspiration. On Saturday morning I got all dressed up with my new Gucci sunglasses in hand and David Bowie T-shirt tucked into frayed hem denims. IMG_4184Photos taken infront of St Leonards Church in Shoredicth. Love love the big pillars.


My Saturday outfit :

T- shirt of my favourite icon (David Bowie),  tucked into frayed hem denims and a pair of black mules with gold detail. To finish off my look, I’ve added my pair of Gucci glasses for the ultimate 70’s look. They bold, clear and the perfect statement piece.



I love layering garments but now and again I choose ‘comfort’ and ‘simplicity’ over everything else. I’m very much a boot girl and you won’t see me in sandals very often, so these mules are the perfect inbetween.

Give me T-Shirt and a pair of your biggest boldets sunglasses any time of day.


To say thank you for the massive support on my shop ~Madseventies~ I’m doing a give away ! Win this fabulous David Bowie T-Shirt, a pair of yellow aviators and a black bumbag, perfect for festivals.

Head over to my shop ~Madseventies~ to see how to enter and win!

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Lots of love





Layers of green

A lovely day spent at Isabella Plantain in weather as hot as 33 degrees.

An early start to the day, suitcase in hand and two coffees on the go. Eventually, arriving after two hours of travelling, very excited to step into nature, taking a little break from a busy London.

As much as we were hoping to see more rose bushes and wild flowers, we got layers of green instead!  Why complain, the smell of nature and the sounds of wild life was just magical.

How do I choose my looks for my blog? I ask myself which garments makes me feel comfortable and happy to move around in? Well… usually I end up throwing in lots of different style garments, just to be on the safe side. Right now I am into classic jackets (even in summer time), matching silk suits and tea dresses with big platforms (which I can hardly walk in) and some cute socks to go with it.

Green and rustic was the background for most my looks and I couldn’t be more happier.

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Draped over a tree trunk in my tea dress with buttons running all the way down. Paired up with my favourite broken strawhat, chunky strapped platforms and some net stockings. This will be available on my shop Madseventies‘ this coming week!


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I would probably try to wear a suit through all seasons, even if its 34 degrees weather.  Love a simple silk suit with a subtle pattern. Paired up with a Purple Rain T-Shirt and a silk neck scarf and of course my ridiculously high heels.


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This 60’s style vintage mini dress with a prominent 80’s shoulder  and a cheecky slip was sent to me by the lovely team from Tick Tock Vintage. If you a lover of vintage, a frill, a bit of chiffon or just a playful suit, then it would be worth your while to pop in. Perfectly matched with nature, paired with this beautiful wide brim Fedora hat from Gipsy Bean, a company designing quality felt hats to finish off any look.

And Ill end my post with this vintage dress.

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Processed with VSCO with g3 preset

The dreamiest vintage off white dress with a frilled collar and chiffon sleeves. Pair this up with Western boots, big black rim hat and dangling crystals, if you’d like to rock a possible  Dior Cruise 2018 look.

Big thank you to my lovely friend and very talented photographer Anya for braving the heat with me and finding the perfect little spots to shoot my garment. Give her a follow on her Instagram to see more of her work.

Thank you for reading


Find the following : 

Red tea-dress available on my shop Madseventies

Vintage green dress from Tick Tock Vintage

Silk Suit from Zara

Vintage dress handpicked from a vintage market.

Platforms from Beyond Retro 

Hat from Gipsy and Bean 

Both red and green crystal earrings from a local shop in Dalston